Workplace Injuries Still a Major Concern



There has been some good news in the world of Health and Safety recently. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) has released the latest figures concerning injuries in the workplace and they are still falling. The latest figure is below the average figure taken over the last few years, although it is higher than the previous year.

However there are still people who are being injured at work in incidents that are sometimes entirely preventable. In addition to this, the word ‘injuries’ is an all encompassing one and it does not tell the entire story.

Is stress a factor in workplace injuries?

Yes it can be, and it can even be classed as an injury of sorts in itself. If a workplace is particularly stressful to work in for one or more reasons, it can lead to ill health. This in turn can lead to a higher chance of having an accident of some kind.

A good example would be working on a production line. If the employees are pushed to achieve more in less time, this can lead to stress. But it would also lead to an increased risk of accidents, simply from trying to achieve more and more all the time.

Workplace injuries result in time off for the employee and trouble for the employer

Obviously no one wants to be injured at work. But if an injury does occur the employee may need to take time off work to recover. This also means the employer will be left one short and may have problems covering the position for the duration of their time off.

As you can see, one injury can have a knock on effect in many different ways, far beyond the initial injury itself.

Workplace injuries can also result in long term problems for those injured

Some injuries can be recovered from in a short period of time. However other injuries can lead to prolonged problems. This is one of the reasons why injury lawyers often find themselves dealing with workplace injury cases. If an injury results in the worker having to give up work – and sometimes all hope of ever holding a job again – a significant amount of compensation can often be claimed.

Obviously the main aim is not to have any injuries in the workplace at all. This is what the HSE is working towards. However it can only achieve so much without the help and assistance of those working in all kinds of jobs across the country. Many accidents and incidents at work can be prevented quite easily, and it is up to all of us to reduce the dangers and hazards that exist all around us.

As you can see, you may play a bigger role in all this than you previously thought. Even if you are not primarily responsible for health and safety where you work, you are still responsible for your own safety as far as is practicable. The more you can do in this respect, the safer you will be.

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