BROWNIES who were left disappointed after ornaments and a sign were stolen from their new garden rolled up their sleeves and got busy in an effort to re-create their little plot of land. 

Fourth Rhyl Brownies and leaders have now redone their little garden, located at their headquarters on Tynewydd Road. In addition, the girls earned their gardening badge

Dorothy Henley, brown owl, said: "Sometime ago we planted some plants and put in some ornaments, which had been donated. When we came to do the garden this time I noticed they had gone.

"This is not only upsetting for me but for the girls as well. Knowing that the slate plaque was no use to anybody as it had our name on it."

The garden took three weeks to re-create.

Dorothy added: "The girls did weeding and painted circles and hearts at the back.

"My husband and I have spent about five hours over a couple of days painting and he has chained up the bird feeder and stuck other ornaments down. Hopefully they won't get stolen."

Three girls from fourth Rhyl Brownies are set to be enrolled next week.

"Depending on the weather, we can hopefully do it by our nice garden," Dorothy added.

The Brownies meet every Tuesday.