TWO men and their dogs have been rescued from a sinking speedboat.

The men were enjoying a fishing trip with their two dogs in a 18-foot speedboat when the vessel's engine broke down and its battery went flat.

The boat, off Kinmel Bay/Towyn, was taking in water but the men did not have a radio to contact the coastguard. 

Contact was made with the UK coastguard at Holyhead by mobile phone and Rhyl All-weather lifeboat crew were paged.

Winds and the tide had blown the boat four miles to the North-East. When the lifeboat crew arrived, they found the outboard engine compartment full of water. 

The men and the dogs were taken onboard the lifeboat and crew attempted to establish a tow, but the boat was still taking in water.

A spokesperson for Rhyl Lifeboat said: "The lifeboat's salvage pump was transferred and soon helped to keep the ingress of water to a manageable level whilst the tow was re-established."

Martin Jones, Rhyl lifeboat coxswain, added: "We thought at first this would be a normal tow job, but we soon realised the boat was sinking when we got alongside.

"The crew worked really well as a team to stop any more water filling the boat, resulting in a successful rescue".