SUPPORTERS of Alfie Evans, the toddler who died at the end of last month after a long-running legal battle, released balloons in his honour at Rhyl’s Botanical Gardens.

Alfie’s parents, Kate James and Thomas Evans, had opposed the withdrawal life support at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool for their 23-month-old son – who had a degenerative brain disease – and wanted to take him abroad for treatment.

At the event in Rhyl, organised by mum Sabina Rose Palmer, colourful balloons were let off into the sky.

The crowd – made up of all ages – sang Dancing in the Sky, by Dani and Lizzy, for the emotional tribute and Sabina’s mum, Suzy Buck, said a prayer.

Sabina, the mother of Cadey Leigh Rose Palmer, said: “About 25 people came to show their love and support to baby Alfie Evans, which I thought was beautiful.

“Some of us had wanted to go to the Liverpool balloon release, but I couldn’t get there – so instead I brought the Rhyl community together.”

She continued: “It was so lovely to see everyone coming together. We had some negative comments about the balloon release [being harmful to the environment], but I never let it affect me.

“I genuinely felt the love shown by people and I thought it was a beautiful gesture. I handed out lyric sheets and asked everyone to download the song on their phones prior to meeting up

“I would like to thank everyone who came.

“No money was involved and no donations.

"I know there have been people collecting money and not giving it to Alfie’s parents which is disgusting.”

“This was never about money,” Sabina added.

“It was about beautiful baby Alfie, who truly touched the hearts of the nation.”