A vulnerable drug addict from Rhyl had been used by drug dealers, Mold Crown Court was told.

Chloe Jones, aged 27, was addicted to heroin and was given drugs in return for her flat in Bath Street to be used as a base for the supply of class A drugs.

Jones admitted two charges of permitting her premises to be used for drugs supply – both heroin and cocaine – and she received a ten month prison sentence.

She received an additional month – making 11 months in all – after she failed to turn up for sentence on an earlier occasion.

Her barrister Sarah Yates said that it was clear that her client was drug dependent.

She was a vulnerable individual who could not break the habit whatever assistance had been given to her.

“People higher up the chain have used her,” she explained.

“They gave her drugs to enable them to use her premises to supply drugs.”

She knew that eventually it had to stop.

The defendant had two children aged nine and ten who were being cared for by family members.

Judge Rhys Rowlands said that two other men had been arrested for drugs supply offences and an examination of their mobile phones showed text messages which showed that her flat was being used by them.

A search warrant had been executed at her home and nine wraps, valued at some £80 had been found.

“But the plain fact is that you chose to involve yourself with others who were dealing drugs from your property.

“You allowed them to do so in return for being given heroin or cocaine. You were involved in serious offences.”

Judge Rowlands said that he accepted that her motivation was not financial as such.

She was being paid “in kind” but would have been aware of the harm being caused by the drugs being supplied in the resort.

Prosecuting barrister Michael Whitty said that in January two other men had been arrested in alleyways in Rhyl town centre for dealing hard drugs.

It was the investigation into their roles which led police to the defendant Chloe Jones.

Earlier this week, Kevin Fields, aged 20, of Breckfield in Liverpool, received a three year youth custody sentence after he admitted two charges of possessing heroin and cocaine with intent to supply, and four charges of supplying the drugs.

Co-defendant Ricky Palmer, aged 34, of Hensworth Crescent, Rhyl, was jailed for three years, after he admitted the supply of heroin.