A Rhyl mother has been flooded every two-and-a half weeks since September, due to works on the new Rhyl Rugby Club ground.

The site, at Tynewydd fields, has been a problem for a resident, with an adjacent home and business in Juniper Way, after efforts to raise the pitch above the water table have created a rainwater runoff that has flooded the resident six times since September.

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “I’m a little bit shellshocked. We’ve been flooded six times since September. The water has risen as far as our conservatory and my garden is ruined. There’s always dirty water just sitting there and it stinks. I use one of buildings in our garden for my work as a hairdresser, I’ve not been able to bring clients in there for weeks.

“It’s ruined the other shed where we keep my daughter’s bike and I’m dreading going in there to see the damage.

“My daughter’s Christmas present this year was supposed to be a Wendy house in the back garden, but we’ve had to cancel that now.”

Richard Greenwood, of Rhyl Rugby Club, said: “It seems machinery used to raise the field has caused compaction of the soil which has caused the flooding.”

Prior to works, Tynewydd field was roughly level with the resident’s garden.

The resident said: “I knew it was an area of marshland when I moved in, but I’ve lived here for 16 years, and it that time I’ve been flooded between two and three times - but only because of freak weather conditions.”

“What’s going to happen here if we get some really bad weather?”

Mr Greenwood added:“While the grass is green on the surface, it won’t be fully rooted until next summer and will then it will act as natural irrigation for the rainwater.”

“We’re also looking to construct a bigger and better bund to give physical protection against the water. However, after an especially wet period we cannot construct the bund in current conditions but work will begin when conditions allow.”

Mr Greenwood said there was already a bund - a containment area to hold rain water run-off - but it was not equipped to deal with current water levels.

The resident added: “So I’ve got to wait until next year for it to be sorted and meanwhile we’re still being flooded. It feels like what they’re saying is it’s never going to happen. Even in the summer we can’t guarantee we’ll get three weeks without rain.

“Why wasn’t this constructed before, when it was dry enough earlier in the year?”

Mr Greenwood met Network Rail and Cllr Brian Blakeley, of Rhyl South East on Friday to discuss further solutions to the problem and the potential impact of an adjacent railway on the flooding.

Mr Greenwood said: “The meeting we had on Friday was a very positive meeting. Network Rail will be bringing a digger to clear a bunged up trench that is supposed to allow water to flow into the cut river.”

A spokesman from Network Rail Wales said: “Following the installation of a new pitch at a rugby club in Rhyl, we have been made aware of flooding in the garden of one of our lineside neighbour’s properties. We care about our lineside neighbours and we are working with the rugby club to investigate the cause of the flooding.”