A MURDER trial jury at Mold Crown Court considering the case of Kinmel Bay builder and part time barman Anthony Bird has retired to consider its verdicts for a third day.

The jury were sent home for a second night last night.

They spent an hour and half considering their verdict on Wednesday and then nearly six hours yesterday.

Anthony Bird, 49, denies the murder of Tracy Kearns, 43, the mother of his two children, at the home they shared in Cader Avenue in Kinmel Bay, between May 7 and May 11.

He accepts that he killed her, put her naked body in a tree house and then placed it in a trailer where it was found at the rear of Sandy Cove Club in Kinmel Bay, where they both worked.

His barrister Gordon Cole QC has asked the jury to reach a verdict of manslaughter.

Bird is said to have strangled her, and possibly smothered her, after finding out that she was having an affair and had returned home from two days at a Blackpool Hotel.

The defence suggest that he acted in self-defence after it is alleged that she went at him with a pair of scissors, or that he lost control after being humiliated by him.