EIGHT years on from his death, one of music's legendary artists is still celebrated.

Michael Jackson's is responsible for not only selling out stadiums across the globe and being one of the youngest Motown hitmakers, but also managing to reach across the racial divide thanks to his pioneering music videos making him one of the first non-white artists to be played on MTV.

His greatest achievement however remains his album sales.

He boasts two of the biggest selling albums of all time in Thriller with 47 million sales, the best selling album by any artist of all time, and Bad with 23 million sales.

It is the anniversary of the release of this  recording which has brought one of the world's best Michael Jackson performers to Rhyl.

The Pavilion Theatre hosted Forever Jackson: Bad 30th Anniversary Tour.

Both showcasing and introducing children and grandchildren of original fans to Michael Jackson and his rich back catalogue is the responsibility of Robin Parsons.

Three hours in make-up achieved a striking resemblance to the late King of Pop.

His likeness however is just the start – this is by no means just another tribute act.

Outstanding live vocals, fantastically detailed costumes, stunning choreography and superb musicianship made for a great show which had people up dancing.

The spectacle took the audience through hits from the Bad album including pitch-perfect versions of The Way You Make Me Feel, and a moving performance of Man in the Mirror.

Fantastic live guitar licks courtesy of one of the show’s three-strong live musicians contributed to a great performance of Dirty Diana, while on-point choreography came into play on a version of the title track, and on Smooth Criminal, also featuring backing dancers Hip Hop Pop.

I am whose moves along with Parsons’ I remain unable to explain how were achieved.

The show also featured hits from the Jackson 5 period including ABC and I’ll be There, disco classics Can You Feel It and Rock With You, and later hits like Earth Song and Black or White – when the Jackson lookalike/soundalike was joined by six-year-old audience member Harrision who revelled in showing off his dance moves.

Despite this Forever Jackson production marking 30 years of Bad, the greatest reaction from audience members was reserved for hits from MJ’s Thriller LP an acapella version of Human Nature, aimed at answering doubters to his live vocal credentials, Beat-it and a showstopping version of Thriller complete with ultraviolet and video animation scares.

The biggest reaction was rightly reserved for the show’s version of Billie Jean,

Parsons’ vocals and choreography for the track, which of course featured the legendary moonwalk, were awe-inspiring and combined with atmospheric lighting proved a stellar combination.