CONCERNED residents rushed to the aid of a seal pup, spotted at Splash Point in Rhyl.

The Journal received a call about the stranded animal yesterday [Thursday].

An eye-witness, who asked not to be named, said at the time: “He is quite motionless. To be honest, he just looked knackered. 

“There was about five to six local residents gathered around him. He is quite high up, on the rocks. He gave me a look to say ‘why am I here?’

”He is about the size of a small child.”

When RSPCA officers arrived at the location, they found the seal had returned safely to the sea.

An spokesperson for the charity gave the response shown by the public his ‘seal’ of approval. 

“We are grateful to members of the public for looking out for this seal's welfare,” he said. 

“RSPCA Cymru responded to calls on Thursday (November 9) about a seal pup at Splash Point in Rhyl. An RSPCA officer arrived at the location to find the seal had safely returned to the sea from rocks on the beach.

“If anyone sees a seal pup whose mother hasn’t returned within a 24-hour period, or the pup is on a busy public beach, or looks sick or injured, the RSPCA’s 24-hour emergency line can be reached on 0300 1234 999. We also urge members of the public to not approach seals, and keep dogs well away and on a lead, as wild animals can give a nasty, unexpected bite.”