Prestatyn Childline has reacted quickly to negative feedback towards a crowdfunder appeal for its volunteers.

The charity, which operates one of only two bases in Wales at Prestatyn, had appealed through crowdfunder to raise £500 for a curry and quiz night, at the end of November, to reward its volunteers - before removing the campaign last week.

The Journal was approached by an Prestatyn resident, critical of the campaign Cough Up For A Curry for a Childline Volunteer posted on the charities Facebook page on Wednesday October 18.

The description for the appeal on read: “The volunteers at the Prestatyn Childline base are having a curry and quiz night. Would you like to treat them to a curry to thank them?”

The resident, who asked not to be named, said: “I know of several voluntary groups who do wonderful work with vulnerable people locally and wouldn’t dream of asking the public to pay for a night out. I’d have thought they would want all funds to be put into their valuable work?”

The resident took to the charity’s Facebook page to voice his concerns, which were subsequently removed by the page’s moderator.

He added: “I had a message from a Childline manager to tell me she was hiding the comment I put on their Facebook page, as it would put people off donating.

“Although they understood my concerns, I still believe it’s the wrong thing for them to do.”

The charity, which relies on 140 volunteers to provide care for young victims of bullying and domestic abuse, took quick action to address the public’s concerns and cancelled the campaign which was due to run until Monday November 13.

It is unknown how many of the branch’s 140 volunteers would have been included in the event.

An NSPCC Cymru / Wales spokesman said: “Our Childline volunteers give up their own time to counsel children about a range of difficult issues including bullying, sexual abuse and suicidal feelings and we often hold events to recruit and retain people who are willing to make this incredible commitment.

“But we didn’t feel this was an appropriate way to organise such an event.”