The Range is still coming to Rhyl despite concerns about a lack of work at the Marina Quay site in recent weeks.

In reponse to rumours the retailer had pulled out, a spokesperson for The Range Customer Care Team said: “I can confirm that The Range will be opening a new store in Rhyl. However, I am unable to provide you with an exact date that the store is due to open.”

Fears arose from the absence of contractors’ cabins being used in the proposed 20 week development, and the removal of a Notification of Construction that had been visible in the unit’s window.

Gareth Nicol, Rhyl town clerk: “I spoke to the Scarborough Development Group, who called rumours that The Range had pulled out total rubbish and remarked that they have come as a total surprise to them.”

The letter from The Range was posted on the 6,000 strong Restoring Rhyl forum by Rhyl resident Gerald Jones, in attempt to further address pessimism surrounding the store’s opening.

The news was welcomed by administrator of rival, 4000 member, The Rhyl Forum Graeme Rich, who had also tried, unsuccessfully, to contact The Range.

Mr Rich said: “There’s not much meat in the message and it sounds like a standard response, but you’ve got to take them at face value.

“They wouldn’t post an a notice on the window in the first place if they weren’t planning on coming, and there’s a million and one reasons why work might have halted.

Cllr Joan Butterfield, of Rhyl West ward, echoed the positive outlook: “It is an exciting time, things are moving so quickly in Rhyl. We’re on site working along the promenade and hopefully all rumours will be behind us by Christmas.”

However, the Rhyl Forum administrator, and building surveyor of 28 years, remains sceptical that the new outlet will be open in time for Christmas shopping period.

Mr Rich added: “It’s an empty shell right now and if they intend on putting in another floor and escalator, there’s no way it will be open in time for Christmas.

“I’m not really disappointed though, these things take time in my experience.”