IT’S NOT only little horrors but pets who have gone all out to spook this Halloween. 

Readers have scared us and treated us with pictures of their costumes. Emmi, aged six from Abergele, is dressed up ready for a day of mischief as Disney’s Maleficent whilst Emily Howard, aged 23 months from Rhyl, delights as a spooky butterfly.

When it comes to choosing a frightening ensemble, the pumpkin appears to be a clear favourite. Robert Murray shared a photo of his little one in a cute pumpkin onesie, complete with a wobbly pumpkin headband. Noah Lloyd-Renshaw, aged 11 months, was also snapped sitting quite contently in a pumpkin.

Jasmine Maclean, aged nine from Abergele, has been transformed into a zombie bride and Prestatyn sisters Pheobe Woosnam, 11, and Lilly, 8, were all set to scare this morning as monster of Greek Mythology Medusa and bride of Dracula.

Pets are also prepared for a day of trick or treating. Kelly Roberts shared a photo of her cat Pearl, who is decked out for Halloween, and cat Theodore who is ready to fright and thrill with a giant eye on her forehead and layers of orange fluff!