Wedding guests with a twist took over Bodelwyddan Castle for a unique ceremony.

The bride, Kerry Lawrence, 44, from Rhyl, tied the knot in a hand-made dress of her own design with groom Dave Mickleburgh, who wore a top hat with goggles and a kilt for a very special ‘steampunk’ theme wedding.

The emerging fashion trend, steampunk, is a niche fusion of steam-age art with science fiction, recognisable for its use of Victorian fashion items like top hats, corsets, gears and cogs.

Steampunk enthusiasts Kerry and Dave were joined guests following suit in a variety of extravagant outfits to celebrate the occasion, including the father of the bride, Tom Lawrence, showing up in a pith helmet and cream bodice.

The newlyweds run the Rhyl-based Gogledd Upcycled Steampunk Group and travel across the country for various steampunk events to showcase their themed jewellery and artwork.

The evening reception continued the theme, with steampunk-based live music from bands who play both in the UK and the USA, including Montague Jaques Fromage, Victor and the Bully, and Ichabod Steam and there was even a steampunk-themed DJ.