Denbighshire Council has been urged to enforce its decision not to permit car parking charges to be levied at the Matalan car park in Rhyl.

Last week the council’s planning committee refused an application to lift condition six of the original planning consent for development at the site in Greenfield Place, which allowed free parking for the public using the town centre. The proposal had been recommended by officers for approval.

Cllr Pat Jones told the planning committee the condition was originally put in place to encourage footfall into the town.

She said: “I feel we need this because we’ve got no free parking in Rhyl at all.”e

Cllr Bob Murray agreed with her and said: “There is a desperate need for free car parking space in Rhyl.”

The committee voted 13 in favour of retaining free parking and four against.

Graeme Rich who runs the town’s 4,000-strong forum on Facebook said: “The fact parking charges have been imposed since July, in breach of planning permission, and against the advice of the council is wholly wrong.

“I urge the owners to take the ticket machines out of action and reimburse anyone who has paid for parking since July, or received fines for non-payment. Likewise, I would urge he council to take enforcement action to ensure the charges are stopped.

“This is a very hot topic on Rhyl forum, but the 100+ objections by its members. I applaud all those involved in objecting to the application. It was a matter of principle rather than the cost of parking.”

Mr Rich added: “People have been paying since July. It is tantamount to extortion.”

A spokesman for Rhyl Town Council said: “The town council welcomes the decision which will have a positive impact on the town centre, and will help reduce unwanted parking on adjacent streets.”

Previously the Journal revealed how two parking ticket machines had been installed at the car park, even though its owners, Nectar Asset Management of Copenhagen, had not received permission from Denbighshire Council to have condition six lifted.

The owners had permission from Denbighshire to install the machines but not to start charging motorists.