A SECOND pensioner in her 80s has come forward after receiving a letter informing her of her death.

Irene Birks, 86, contacted the Journal after reading last week’s story about John Wilson, 83, of Lon-Y-Gors, Pensarn, who was sent a notification from Phoenix Life Limited telling him that he had passed away.

Mrs Birks, of Abbey Street Rhyl, received her letter earlier this year from SunLife. The letter – addressed to Mrs Birks herself – was titled: Your Claim in respect of Irene Birks.

The correspondence also stated: “We’re are sorry to hear about the death of Mrs Irene Birks.

“We know this can be a difficult time so we aim to make things as simple as possible.”

Mrs Birks, who is married to Steve, 58, was even more dstressed after being sent a letter from Dignity Caring Funeral Services about a funeral benefit pack.

Mrs Birks said: “The letter from SunLife frightened me. It made me so ill. I thought, but I am here, sitting at home’. I couldn’t sleep. I was frightened. I couldn’t eat, I thought I might die in my sleep. It really upset me.

“We complained but I was afraid that I would lose my premiums. I have been with SunLife insurance for about 10 or 11 years. I am still paying £45 and £5 on top every three months.”

A spokesman from SunLife said: “Our records show that we spoke to Mrs Birks’ husband back in February, after they had received the letter.

“The letter was sent out by mistake and we were called by the husband about it on the February 17 according to our records.

“He then called again twice on the 23rd asking to speak to the manager – who called him back the same day and apologised.

“Having had numerous conversations and with no other issues, we then sent out our complaint letter confirming that the complaint had been resolved.”

SunLife said they had been in touch with the couple about other matters, most recently in June.

SunLife Limited and AXA Wealth Limited are both part of the Phoenix Group.