A HAIRDRESSER from Prestatyn will be seen pushing her luck on a TV game show.

TV quiz show veteran and Prestatyn Hair Boutique owner Helen Burton-Margett’s appearance on the ITV’s Tipping Point, which was filmed in April last year, will air tomorrow on ITV at 4pm.

“I’m mad about anything to do with TV land, and the girls at work call me ‘Google’ because I’m always researching something and love to learn,” Helen, 46, said.

While she is comfortable with questions on a range of topics – except sport and geography – Helen’s interests served her well in the questions round of the show, which involves answering general knowledge questions to use an arcade style coin pusher.

She revealed: “In my spare time I like to do people’s astrology birth charts, so I knew I had it when they asked which star sign is represented by the two fish symbol, which happened to be my sign, Pisces.”

Unfortunately, Helen’s family couldn’t be with her for the London recording as both she and husband, Sean Margett, are full-time carers for her brother, Mark Burton.

And Helen, who is originally from Birmingham, was not allowed to give her home town as Prestatyn for the audience.

She said: ”I was told to say I was from Birmingham, rather than Prestatyn, because southern audiences wouldn’t have a clue where it was!”

Helen has in the past appeared on Win, Lose or Draw, in 1995; The Enemy Within, in 2002, Pick Me in 2015; and managed to play for half-a-million pounds on Deal or No Deal in 2007, wearing a ball gown, for the show’s second birthday.

She added: ”The next stop will be The Chase.”