A MUM says she has been forced to take her nine-year-old son out of what she described as a “school of horror” because of bullying.

Danielle Ingleson, of Rhyl, said her son, Branden, had been subjected to bullying at Ysgol Mair in the town since last September.

She said the year five pupil has been slapped, hit and pushed on a number of occasions and was being targeted by seven bullies.

It is the second bullying row to hit Rhyl and follows last week’s Journal story about a girl whose mother shared a video on Facebook of her daughter being grabbed, pushed and shouted at by bullies outside the nearby Blessed Edward Jones Catholic High School.

Despite trying to seek advice from Branden’s class teacher and the Ysgol Mair headmaster, Danielle says nothing improved.

Danielle removed her son from the Catholic primary school on Friday, September 15.

After a few days of being taught at home, he has now secured a place at a new school.

His mum said: “The bullying started in year four. The teachers, to begin with, were very good. Last year the bullying had been resolved.”

But the problem has resurfaced this term and Danielle said: “He (Branden) was being slapped, kicked and there was name calling going on.

“The teachers said if they didn’t see it; they couldn’t do anything.

“It has had such a great impact on Branden’s school work. He hasn’t wanted to join in activities.

“I spoke to the class teachers every day and then went on to speak to the headteacher.

“I got told they were dealing with the bullies, but nothing was resolved.

“The week before last I kept him off. There was no phone call from the school.

“I spoke to the school again and then eventually, we pulled him out on the Friday.

“Branden is like a mouse. He is quite gentle. It was a last resort to take him out of school.”

She recalled: “The bullies would target my son from the minute he walked on to the playground.

“As a mum, this was horrible – knowing I couldn’t do anything to help.

“I am glad to say Branden has got a place at a new school. I am happy that he is not going back to the school of horror.”

A spokesman for Ysgol Mair said: “The happiness and well-being of every single pupil at Ysgol Mair is a key priority for us and reports of bullying are very rare.

“This was progressing but sadly, the parents have now decided to try and find an alternative school for their child.

“When a parent does bring a concern to us, we act swiftly to try and resolve the issues raised.

“Whilst we cannot comment on the specifics on individual cases, we were aware of the concerns of the parents and had discussed the matter with them to try and get to the bottom of their concerns and to address any issues directly.”