HOME and garden retailer The Range is expected to open at Rhyl’s Marina Quay between Christmas and New Year.

The news follows the placing of a Health and Safety Executive notice on the store front of the unit, which was shared on Facebook by Denbighshire county and Rhyl town councillor Brian Blakeley.

Cllr Blakeley, who represents Rhyl South West, said: “While I’ve had no confirmation from Denbighshire County Council that the project is going ahead, I don’t think for a moment The Range would put up a notice showing 10 contractors and 30 people on site if they weren’t going to open. All being well, the notice says that work will take 20 weeks after the start date on August 22, so I should imagine it should be open in time for Christmas or just after.”

But John Bellis, chairman of Rhyl Business Group, said: “The fact that The Range have dragged their feet this long shows there is a problem.”

Mr Bellis says the delays have already damaged the town’s reputation as a business centre.

“That we can’t easily attract retailers is a worry,” ha said.

“I don’t think it’s done the town any favours that The Range and the likes of Premier Inn have missed the summer season.”