A RETIRED couple say they are being endagered by brambles invading their garden from a neighbouring railway line.

Philip and Ann Worley of Parc View Estate in Rhyl, say they have been waiting for over a month for Network Rail to cut back the thorns.

Mr Worley 71, said one of the brambles had grown through a new shed roof and swung back into his 74-year-old wife’s face when she went to open a cupboard. He said: “It’s quite dangerous. Ann is recovering from an illness and just wants to enjoy the garden.”

The couple first contacted Network Rail via email on August 17, but say they are yet to hear back.

Mr Worley added: “We know that it’s Network Rail land and if we were to cut them ourselves it would be considered trespassing.

”We just want them to keep it under control. It only takes their team between 15 and 30 minutes to trim them.”

A Network Rail spokesman said: “With over 11000 miles of track, and 2.5 million trees alongside the railway, maintaining the railway and managing vegetation on our land is an enormous task.

“We continue to run the safest major railway in Europe and for safety reasons, we always prioritise work that impacts the operational running of the railway.”

But Mr Worley said: “Every two years they need to be cut back and every two years they (Network Rail) take their time and sometimes we even have to get councillors involved.”

The couple have been assured by Network Rail it will be sending a team to deal with the brambles soon.