[Photo: @proberts88 and @dezzaj88]

AN ELDERLY woman had to be freed from her car after crashing through a fence.

The incident happened on Sunday at about 4.45pm on Cherry Tree Walk in Rhyl. The 83-year-old woman was left stuck in her car and had to be helped by crews from North Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

Pete Roberts, who was walking up the path towards Tynewydd Road when he spied a fence panel flat on the floor, said: “I didn’t know at that time anyone was in the car.  

“As I approached, I heard the second fire engine and also a fire officer arrive at the scene. Firefighters were working frantically to try and clear away the bushes that was stopping them from getting close to the car.  

“I then stopped as my one year old daughter was fascinated by all the blue flashing lights. A man from one of the houses approached me and told me that he heard what sounded like a big skip dragging along the floor. He said it was a horrible noise.”

A spokesperson for the service said: “We were called to an RTC.  

“The crew were able to move the vehicle and the casualty, as a precaution, was checked over by ambulance at the scene.”