A Rhyl gardener believes she might have Wales’ tallest sunflower.

Jayne Bird has four sunflowers that she believes are over the current Welsh record height of 14ft.

Mrs Bird said: “I love gardening and this is the first property I’ve had with a proper garden to grow anything for a few years, last time I grew them back in England they never grew anywhere near as tall.”

Mrs Bird planted a wildlife garden this year to celebrate her first anniversary living in Wales after relocating from Cheltenham, to be closer to her family.

She recently made located her relatives after 28 years apart and they now support her due to ill health.

One of Mrs Bird's sunflower contenders

A sunflower was planted for each of her 36 family members, with each person planting a seed and a prize promised to the tallest flower.

However, the winner has yet to be declared as the family are having difficulty measuring the gargantuan flowers.

Mrs Bird added: “I’m disabled and the flowers are just too tall. We have four that I think are close to 18 feet.

“One has even started to bow over, so might be even taller.

“I’ve contacted the Guinness World Records and we are just waiting to hear back.”

When asked what her secret was, Mrs Bird said: “Aside from some dregs of coffee going in the garden in the morning, my neighbours and grandkids have all really helped.”