FOUR anglers had to be rescued after their boat lost power. 

The men had set out from Rhyl in a 10-metre private fishing boat. The alarm was raised after anglers’s found they were unable to start their diesel engine.

After a call from the coastguard, Rhyl RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat launched to help the fishermen.

Paul Frost, deputy second coxswain for Rhyl lifeboat, said: “The 10-metre private fishing vessel had contacted the UK coastguard via Holyhead centre on Saturday, September 2, to say that they could not start their inboard diesel engine, and were anchored just off the Little Orme headland, 10 miles west of the station. They had set out from Rhyl that morning, and requested assistance to get back to Rhyl harbour.

“The All-weather lifeboat launched some 11 minutes later, and were on scene 40 minutes after launching. As all the persons on the boat were wearing lifejackets and all were well, a tow was undertaken with the casualties remaining on board their vessel.”

Acting Coxswain Paul Archer-Jones added: “The anglers were well kitted out with all the necessary safety equipment and were wearing lifejackets. They did exactly the right thing to ask for assistance.”