A WIFE is appealing for the return of her missing terrapin.

The pet – named Asbo – escaped from his home in Eversley Close, Rhyl, on Monday. Owner Glenys Burrows has been desperately searching for her beloved turtle and said she has been out on the street looking for him “every night”.

Glenys has had the turtle for 40 years. She said she often lets him out of his tank so he can roam around the house. 

She said: “My husband was in the garden and left the front door open and he went out of the door.  

“I let him have a walk around the house every single day. He doesn’t have anything particularly distinctive about him really. He is called Asbo because if he was a human, he would always be getting into trouble. He is always climbing on things.  

“I just desperately want him back. I love him. He just managed to get out. Please check your gardens as he may be hiding.”

A terrapin is one of several small species of turtle living in fresh or brackish water. Terrapins need constant access to clean water. Terrapins can breath quite freely when on land,  however the creatures only feed when in the water. If at any time they find an item of food, which they like on land, they will drag it into the water to eat it. 

Anyone that spies Asbo is asked to telephone 01745 294575 or 07982162037

[PICTURE – Not actual terrapin. Pixabay]