A SINGER that used to be part of three-piece girl band Pretty Girl Rock is celebrating the release of her solo material. 

Carys McElroy (formerly Roberts), a former Rhyl High School student, released her debut single Bad Habit earlier this month. The 27-year-old, who lives with her husband Lewis of band MavMac's, was part of Pretty Girl Rock – also made up of Charelle Tilley and Stacey Allen – until 2015.

The girls called time on the band after five years together due to other commitments.

Carys said her new debut single means the “world” to her.  

“I feel super excited about my solo adventure, it is just something new and I feel I am ready for it,” Carys added. “Don’t get me wrong, I miss the girls so much. It can be lonely on stage on your own. It has taken a bit more confidence, sass and also a bit of more determination to get to this stage.  

“Locally and even further out, people knew me as part of Pretty Girl Rock but now I am trying to get known again as just me, as a solo artist.”

Carys recorded her Bad Habit single after travelling to Essex with her husband.

“I wrote and recorded the single with one of my old friends and Pretty Girl Rock friend –  Jamie Sellers,” she said. 

“Myself and Lewis stayed overnight and just had the structure of the song to create lyrics, a tune and a title. I think a lot of people can relate to it especially girls, If they have a guy they really like and keep going back to them like a bad habit.”  

Carys, who works full-time as an estate agent for Beresford Adams in Colwyn Bay, plans to put everything into her solo career.  

“My solo journey started about six to eight months ago. I have been doing photoshoots and gigging non stop every weekend, just getting my name out there as much as possible,” she added.

“I hope the future holds a lot of success for me but this career is such a hard and scary one. I will be happy to just be doing what I love and everyone enjoying my vocals and music.”

Bad Habit is available to download on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify for 79p.