LIFESAVERS were called upon to help search for child who had fallen from an inflatable flamingo.

Rhyl lifeboat joined forces with the Coastguard helicopter from Caernarfon and also lifeguards for the search on Tuesday, which took place about 1.30pm, about 400 metres off Kinmel Bay beach. 

An empty inflatable was recovered about an hour later. The child had been helped to safety by other swimmers.

Paul Frost, Acting Coxswain at Rhyl RNLI, said: “The charity's lifeboats were called to search for a young person believed fallen from an inflatable flamingo, about 400 metres off Kinmel Bay beach, to the West of the station. Units searched for a nearly an hour after the Rhyl Inshore lifeboat met up with a small day boat who had retrieved the empty inflatable.  

“After a while, the local coastguards reported that they had been approached by a family who reported the child had been recovered well by other swimmers, and all was well. The party also had an inflatable white flamingo, a unicorn and a slice of Pizza.” 

On Friday, the crew were preparing for a visit from the RNLI's Chief Executive officer when they were called out to help aid RNLI lifeguards with an incident; a small yacht tender – off Rhyl Pavilion Theatre – had broken free from a passing yacht. This was done within 10 minutes and then crew then continued their work to make the boathouse “spotless”.