A man said to have a fetish for young girls in school uniform was jailed for seven years on Tuesday after a court heard how he indecently assaulted two young girls.

Mold Crown Court heard how defendant David Flavell, 34, who had been living in Llandudno but who comes from St Austell in Cornwall, ended up sexually assaulting two young girls.

He took indecent photographs of them and distributed them on the Internet.

Flavell – a night time carer of the elderly - was arrested when police investigated a porn case in West Yorkshire.

The images were recovered, police saw they had been uploaded in North Wales and it turned out it was by the defendant under a false name.

The families of the victims were then traced by police who were horrified by what had occurred.

There were photos of girls in school uniforms in a shower and in a bath and indulging in sexual acts.

Judge Niclas Parry jailed him for seven years and made a life-time restraining order not to contact the victims, both aged under ten.

Favell was ordered to register with the police as a sex offender for the rest of his life – and a life-time sexual harm prevention order was made to curb his future activities.

Judge Parry said that the case had some very serious features.

By his own admission, he had a sexual interest in children and he had acted out his own fantasies.

He had in fact purchased a school uniform and directed one of the girls to wear it while she was washing herself.

The defendant had taken photographs of her touching him.

He had simulated intercourse with her and touched her sexually.

The defendant had also got one of the girls to wear a school uniform in the bath.

Judge Parry said that there had been significant planning and grooming – sexual images had been taken, retained and distributed.

There had been a significant disparity in age.

It was well established that victims in such circumstances could suffer long term effects.

Prosecuting barrister Anna Pope said that the defendant had originally been charged with offences of rape but his guilty pleas to sexual assault had been accepted on the day of trial.

Miss Pope said that the defendant groomed one girl and it progressed from taking photographs of her to touching her and simulating sex with her. He also incited her to touch him. A second girl had been subjected to sexual acts and was photographed.

In a victim impact statement the family of one victim told how it had affected her – and she could not bear to put on her school uniform.

Her mother felt “sick to the stomach” at what he had done.

The family of the other victim said that she had been left anxious and confused.

Defending barrister Simon Killeen said that his client was a man of no previous convictions.

He had accepted that he was attracted to children, he wanted to address his own offending, and his family were in a state of shock.

Flavell realised that he would receive a long sentence and was concerned he would not be able to support his family at a time when his father was suffering from cancer.