A SEAL pup rescued from a beach in Towyn has been named after a Game of Thrones star in honour of his “endurance”.

Theon is currently undergoing rehabilitation in RSPCA care after being rescued by the charity.

A member of the public spotted the lethargic male seal pup on Sunday; his left flipper was not moving. 

Theon is now recovering at the specialist wildlife centre at Stapeley Grange. A number of seals at the centre have also adopting Game of Thrones identities.

Animal collection officer Will Galvin said: "I arrived at Towyn beach to find this poor seal pup looking very thin, and in a lethargic state. 

"The poor thing was transported to specialist RSPCA wildlife facilities for treatment and support.  

"Theon is now undergoing rehabilitation at Stapeley Grange - and seems to have quickly joined a Game of Thrones clan! He is being closely monitored, has some muscle injuries, and is on medication.”

Character Theon Greyjoy in Games of Thrones is the youngest son of Lord Balon Greyjoy and Alannys Harlaw. He is the older brother of Yara.