AMBITIOUS plans have been put forward to transform a former plumber’s merchant into a gym.

Adam Jones, who runs Live Life Light in Rhyl, is behind the proposals, which include converting the former Vickers and Sons Ltd site at Gereenfield Place near Rhyl town centre into a gym, leisure and health facility.

Vickers and Sons closed down last year after 88 years in business, 84 of them at the Greenfield Place site.

Mr Jones plans to relocate his current operation, some 200 metres away in Vezey Street, to the new site, which he says offers a “larger, enhanced premises.”

In a supporting statement, submitted to Denbighshire County Council, Mr Jones says: “We currently have a community of 400 clients that we have helped to improve their lifestyles and continued to improve their fitness and nutrition.”

He says the larger premises will offer “a better service to the people of Rhyl and the surrounding areas”.

Mr Jones. who also hopes to create an education, support and community room, adds: “Moving the facility a short distance will ensure we are able to retain existing clients, whilst at the same time, providing a better facility and service to our existing and potential clients

“With the ever growing increase of obesity rates, we want to provide a facility that people of all ages and abilities can not only exercise in, but can be educated in and supporting in living a healthier and happier lifestyle.”