A NINE-YEAR-OLD Rhyl girl has been left “devastated” after her kitten Lucy was poisoned by anti-freeze.

Little Darcie Richards, of Rosehill Road, received the tiny tabby for her ninth birthday back in January, and the pair quickly became inseparable.

But one day last week, the nine-month-old kitten returned home and appeared unwell.

Darcie’s brother, 11-year-old Theo, who has autism, alerted his mum Maxine.

She said: “Lucy came in feeling sorry for herself, a week ago last Sunday.

“About half an hour later Theo found her at the top of the stairs, very limp, she was cold, had been sick and had diarrhoea.

“We rushed her to the Pets at Home vet, he wasn’t sure what was wrong at first, and put her on a heatpad. Later he rang to say it wasn’t good news, she’d have to be put to sleep. Blood tests found she had high levels of antifreeze which implied it was neat and possibly deliberate.

“Darcie is devastated. She isn’t sleeping, has become very withdrawn and is staying in her bedroom.

“She adored Lucy, she got her for her ninth birthday, they were insperable. With her brother she has made a little grave in the garden. Even Lola our dog is missing her. Me and my husband Gwyn want to warn people in the neighbourhood to keep their cat’s safe.

An RSPCA Cymru spokesman Chris O’Brien said: “RSPCA Cymru is deeply sad to learn of this incident in Rhyl, and our thoughts are with Lucy’s owners at this time. As ever, anyone with any animal welfare concerns, or pertinent information, can always contact the RSPCA's 24-hour Advice & Cruelty Line on 0300 1234 999.

“Sadly, we regularly receive reports about cats being poisoned in Wales - and these incidences are deeply, deeply distressing for the animals, and owners, involved.

“If poisoning is feared, it’s really important that owners stay calm, move their pet from any suspected poisonous source, immediately contact a vet and follow their advice.”