A HUGE clean-up operation is underway at a dance studio that was hit by flash flooding

Water seeped through the doors of the Inferno Dance Club on Kingsley Avenue, by The Cut, in Rhyl earlier this month. The water has left laminate flooring in the studios so badly damaged that the school have had to find alternative premises.

Eleri Streeter, a dancer with the studio, said: “We had a class running with about nine, 10 and 11 year olds, and water came running through, under the doors.

“The rooms are completely ruined.

”It is so overgrown [outside] and such as mess and that didn’t help but the insurance won’t pay out. Nobody will accept the blame.

“The Environment Agency said they won’t pay out either.

“It was a shock for the children when the water came in. So much money is involved in a clean-up and so much work is involved.

”We are upset. I’ve been here for three years and we are like a family – we just want the community to get behind us.”

In the past, Inferno Dance Club has raised money for Amelia Stanco, of Kinmel Bay, a little girl with a spinal condition which has left her paralysed from the waist down.

The club also runs classes for youngsters with disabilities.

Eleri added: “We have got an alternative venue for now, but the clean-up operation is massive.

“Luckily, we have saved the costumes. We were able to run them upstairs on the day.

“All of the flooring has been taken up at the studio and we have dehumidifiers drying it out. A skip came on Monday.”

A spokesperson for the dance school added: “We are desperate for the community to get behind us. We have had some mums in who have helped, but we also need help with fundraising too. Everything costs so much. 

“We are doing some fundraising in Asda in Kinmel Bay this weekend to raise money for vinyl flooring. I haven’t been able to sleep. It is devastating what happened.”

Gee Martial Arts is being used temporarily and Ysgol Mair for the disability class.

Anyone who can help the club is asked to telephone 01745 338383.