A DAINTY kingfisher is captured settling on a branch overlooking a pool near Prestatyn.

Nathaniel Ramanaden, St Asaph Cathedral photographer and passionate twitcher, snapped the small and shy bird at Big Pool Wood Nature Reserve, Prestatyn. 

Nathaniel said despite its bright colour, the Kingfisher is not easy to photograph as its flight is fast, direct and usually low over water.

He said: “The kingfisher is very difficult to spot, let alone photograph, as they are very shy birds and a very quick to get away. They are not generally to be seen around North East Wales and certainly not in the Prestatyn area.  

“Some of my very passionate – or ‘mad’ as you might call them – wildlife friends, mentioned that a Kingfisher was on visiting terms at the Big Pool Wood nature reserve in Prestatyn.  

“I started visiting this reserve every day for the last seven days and I spent fruitless hours, camera in hand, ready to photograph this elusive Kingfisher. Last Tuesday, I struck it lucky. I saw something blue flying into the reserve and settling on a branch overlooking the pool. I had to be very quick to take photographs and within a few seconds it was gone.”

A spokesperson from RSPB Wales‎ said: “Kingfishers are shy birds and are often seen near lakes, ponds and wetlands and as winter approaches, some like to move to estuaries or to the coast. 

“Sadly kingfishers are currently amber listed because of their unfavourable conservation status in Europe. They are widespread however in central and southern England, becoming less common further North.”

Photo: Nathaniel Ramanaden