RESIDENTS say they are furious after widespread rubbish and mess was been left behind following the departure of a group of travellers.

A smashed up caravan, tons of rubbish, dog faeces and tree cuttings have been left scattered at the back of the Bay Industrial Park near to Denbigh Circle in Kinmel Bay.

One resident from the area said: “The rubbish left on this site is awful. It seems they are above the law – if they come to this area that’s fine, but they should comply with the same laws as the residents do.

“Nobody seems to be doing anything about these situations when they happen.

“Residents are subject to laws against littering and dog fouling – they are fined for dropping cigarette ends, yet nothing happens when this area is left covered in litter.

“Last time I think it cost the taxpayer around £20,000 to clean up the mess left behind.

“There is a caravan that has been rolled down a hill, tons of rubbish, a dead bird and faeces, and piles of tree cuttings – it’s a problem for residents and costs money to clean up.”

A spokesman for Conwy County Council said: “The council follows the North Wales protocol for managing unauthorised encampments, with the welfare of the travellers and the needs of the local community considered, in accordance with Welsh Government guidance.

”The clean-up was completed by Saturday morning and we expect the cost of the clean-up to run to several thousand pounds.

“Unauthorised encampments such as this highlight the need for transit site provision across North Wales.”