A group of high-performance vehicle enthusiasts were fined on Thursday for flouting number plate legislation.

Officers from the Roads Policing Unit were on routine patrol on the route commonly known as the EVO Triangle in Denbighshire when they came across a group of very expensive cars with illegal number plates.

Three out of the five cars, which included a McLaren MP4 12-C, were stopped and the drivers were issued with a TOR (Traffic Offence Report) which is likely to result in a conditional offer of a £100 fine.

Two identical BMW cars, worth an estimated £130,000 each, were also stopped and given tickets as they weren’t displaying a front number plate.

Sergeant Nicola Grimes-Williams of the Roads Policing Unit said: “Plates displaying numbers and letters that are difficult to read, altered, re-arranged or obscured are illegal as they stop the vehicle being readily identified.

“If you are displaying an illegal number plate, you will be pulled over and could face a fine. The maximum penalty for this offence in court is a £1,000.

“For the money that the drivers have clearly invested in their vehicles, spending approximately £30 on compliant registration plates from a registered supplier seems a small price to pay.

“Anybody who is using a misrepresented plate, or who isn’t aware of the permitted layout, to familiarise themselves with the correct format and change their licence plate as soon as possible.”

North Wales Police are actively targeting non-compliant motorists and discouraging anti-social drivers and riders on the EVO triangle.

Sgt Grimes-Williams added: “Following a number of complaints from local residents the Roads Policing Unit are carrying out regular patrols in the area as part of our ongoing Operation Darwen campaign.

“We will continue to target, with a view to prosecution, all those that ride or drive dangerously, at excess speed, overtake on solid white lines or commit any other road traffic offences – such as non-compliant vehicles. Reducing casualties on our roads remains one of our top priorities. We want people to enjoy coming to North Wales and driving or riding on some great roads, but most of all we want them to do so safely and responsibly.”