A STUDY of 6700 showed that 93 per cent of cancer patients in Wales have had a positive experience during their treatment. 

The Wales Cancer Patient Experience Survey,was conducted on behalf of the Welsh Government and Macmillan Cancer Support. 

Results revealed: A total of 93 per cent of respondents rated their overall experience as 7/10 or more; 97 per centwho had a choice of treatments said that their treatment options were explained to them; 90 per cent rated the overall administration of their care as “good” or “very good” and 86 per cent that they were given the name and contact details of their key worker.

Gary Doherty, chief executive of Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB), said: “It (the publication) provides important insights into where we can continue improving our services, while also recognising the areas of good practice that already exist across the health board. 

“For two of the three most common types of cancer, lung and prostate, Betsi Cadwaladr has the best five year survival rates in Wales.  We are also amongst the best performers in Wales for how quickly patients with cancer start their treatment.”

The survey also pinpointed 11 areas scores were below the Welsh average.

“They included the way we break the news to patients that they have cancer, ensuring we always treat people with appropriate dignity and respect and involve them in conversations about their care and treatment and making it easier for patients to contact their key workers,” he said.   We must get better at providing patients with copies of their care plans and giving them information about the excellent support that our voluntary sector partners and local self-help groups can give to assist patients with living with the effects of cancer.”