FISHY goings-on around a public pond have left a woman from Rhyl and the authorities baffled.

Resident Elaine Adamiw spied fish in the pond at the town’s War Memorial Garden by the lifeboat station on Sunday, May 14.

It is understood they might have been goldfish.

Then last Saturday night, Elaine saw three people - two males and a female - coming out of the gardens carrying a fishing net and a white bag.

When she returned on Sunday, there were no fish left in the pond.

Rhyl Town Council is responsible for the gardens and expressed alarm, when approached by the Journal, at hearing that fish had been seen in the pond.

The town council has not stocked the pond with fish and Denbighshire County Council has a maintenance contract only for the grounds and cleansing works.

Elaine said: “It was about 9pm. I shouted to them that they better not be taking the fish.

”The female started swearing at me and I grabbed my phone and took a few photos, but as soon as they realised what I was doing, they turned away and walked off.

“I went into the gardens Sunday morning and there were no fish left.

“I wasn’t sure where the fish had come from as they were not there the week before. I thought council had put them in as there were so many.”

It is understood that the incident has not been reported to the police.

A Denbighshire County Council spokesman said: “The council does not maintain any fish in the Remembrance Garden pond.

”Any fish that do arrive into the pond have been placed there by a member of the public.”