DUCKLINGS stuck on a busy roundabout were rescued by two runners.

The birds were spied trying to waddle across the road by the A525 in Rhuddlan, near Table Table, and the hotel on Station Road, by Katie Griffith and her fiancé, Graham Hannah.

Katie, 27, and Graham, 41, both of St Asaph, had been out for a run when they saw the ducklings. The couple are currently training towards a marathon.

When driving home, they spied the ducklings ‘in a flap’ on the roundabout.

Quickly, they worked to stop traffic and managed to lead them to safety.

Katie said: “We were driving home towards St Asaph through Rhuddlan and we go past the busy roundabout on the A525 in Rhuddlan.

”Graham was driving around the roundabout and we saw these five chicks trying to cross the road.

“Graham nearly ran the chicks over but managed to stop and in turn, this stopped the traffic in his inside lane.

Pic: Katie, 27, and Graham, 41, both of St Asaph

“I got out of the car and walked them back on to the roundabout and Graham went off to park up somewhere safe.

“I kept walking them around the middle until he came back to help. We decided to get them over to the Rhuddlan Local Nature Reserve.

“The entrance to that was across the road and then a short walk down Station Road.”

Katie with the ducklings (top left) and (above) helping them to safety

Katie added that as soon as her and Graham spied the ducklings, they knew they couldn’t leave them.

“We were both worried about them,” she said.

“As there was five of them, it was hard keeping them together.

“Further up Station Road, opposite the entrance for the reserve, there was an island in the middle of the road which would help us cross them in two stages.

“A police van saw us and stopped for us in the road and the traffic on the otherside also stopped, so we managed to get them across quite quickly.

“I was kneeling down and tapping my hand on the floor, whilst Graham made sure we didn't lose any.

“We got to the entrance of the reserve and walked to the lake.

“Every time I stopped walking, the chicks would all stand by my feet – it was lovely.

“We got them to the lake and they started swimming alongside a swan.

“We spent about an hour saving them and it was worth it.”