NORTH Wales Police got down to the 'beat' when taking on the global Running Man dance challenge.

The police force posted their efforts on Youtube and on social media after being tasked by their New Zealand counterparts. The video has already had more than 15,000 views on Facebook.

The footage shows officers rocking out to tunes including Tom Jones' It's Not Unusual.

The performance - staged at Rhuddlan's historic castle - also features moves by a toy police car and a cheeky burglar who runs away from the scene.

The viral craze was started by a police force in New Zealand.

The #runningmanchallenge is part of a year-long campaign by the Kiwi cops. The team is challenging other forces from around the globe to do their own version of the running man to the 90s hit song “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJ’s as part of a some-what unconventional recruitment drive. 

A North Wales Police spokesperson said: "We will not be issuing any comment at this time."