A YACHTSMAN was in danger of being trapped under Rhyl's Pont y Ddraig bridge when his engine failed.

The Rhyl harbourmaster was supervising the yachtsman who was shifting his vessel from a mooring in Rhyl harbour to the slipway, to be recovered for the winter, at 10.42am on Thursday, November 26.

As the man was turning his yacht towards the slipway, his engine failed and he was swept across the harbour and was in danger of being trapped under the bridge.

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A yachtsman was in danger of being trapped under Rhyl's Pont y Ddraig bridge yesterday when his engine failed.Here's footage of how the Rhyl inshore lifeboat then recovered the yachtsman. Video courtesy of RNLI.

Posted by Rhyl Journal on Friday, 27 November 2015

Video copyright of RNLI

He managed to get a line on a mooring buoy, and was held against the opposite harbour wall.

The harbourmaster contacted Holyhead Coastguard by radio, and the volunteer crew were paged.

The inshore lifeboat was launched into a moderately choppy sea, and made it's way to the harbour and when the crew came up on the vessel, managed to tow it away from the sea wall, and then took it across Rhyl harbour to the slipway, where the boat was recovered.

As the sea was quite rough off the station, the lifeboat was recovered at the slipway in the harbour, and was returned to station by road at 11.42am.