RHYL and Prestatyn are facing a debt crisis as huge numbers of people seek help with their money problems.

Recent figures from the Insolvency Service reveal that Denbighshire ranks as the local authority in the UK with the highest number of debt relief orders granted.

The number of orders being granted in the county are so high that Denbighshire accounts for four times the Welsh average.

Paul Roberts, money advice manager, at Denbighshire Citizens Advice Bureau said: “We are seeing an ever increasing demand for debt advice.

“In 2011/2012 we helped community members with their debt problems; this was a huge increase on the previous year.”

A debt relief order is a court order to help people who are struggling with their debts.
People who qualify for this order will have debts of less than £15,000.

The order means people who have them do not have to make payments to their creditors during the period of the order.

Denbighshire is ranked second highest for total individual insolvency in Wales, up from eighth last year and twice the Welsh average this was an increase on the previous year.

Mr Roberts said: “Debt advice funding generally in the UK had fallen last year as a result of the nationwide withdrawal of Legal Aid funding which disproportionately affected those on the lowest income in our community.”

He added: “Many people with debt problems hope the problem will go away if they do nothing rather than seeking free and impartial advice in resolving their debt problems.”

Rhyl councillor Jeanette Chamberlain-Jones said debt deprivation had caused a lot of concern.

“Debt poverty is increasing and it seems people who need money most are the ones who are most affected - although the deficeit is being reduced the price of fuel and food keeps going up. For the people don’t get a living wage, for those surviving on below minimum wage, money problems can cause stress and anxiety which can lead to illness and starts a vicious cycle.”