A RHYL bodybuilder has set his sights on a national title after reaching the finals of a prestigious competition. Peet Rothwell filled one of the top three spots at the UKBFF South Coast Championships, ensuring he secured a spot in the British National Finals, which will take place in Nottingham later this year. The success is a culmination of months of hard work and dedication from the personal trainer, who also performs a Michael Bublé tribute act in Spanish resort Marbella, where he has been living for nine years. He said: “Saturday I messed up my pre-show preparation against my better judgement during the FitCON Classic at the London Olympia, but I fixed it and made some tweaks the following day and managed to pull it off. “I have been training none stop since June, building muscle and dieting down, and it has been a long three years with lots of sacrifice and sometimes ridicule. It felt like a huge weight lifted and a lot of steam released. I'm ecstatic but already focussed on the next goal.” Should he emerge victorious from the national showcase in Nottingham, Rothwell will earn Pro status and he has already begun training hard in the hope of achieving the honour, while also looking to pass on his knowledge to the next generation in the future. “I am not looking beyond November as I will be on the stage with the very best, but I am sure that the person who finishes ahead of me will be a champion,” he added. “Competing won’t last forever but I have developed a great passion for coaching and that is where my ambitions lie in the long term. “Hopefully I can create champions once I become one.”