RESIDENTS are being urged to sign up to a scheme aiming tackling speeding motorists in their town.

Town councillors Ann Davies and Gareth Smith have met with John Morris, the community speed watch manager for North Wales Police, to discuss concerns raised by several people regarding speeding in Rhuddlan.

Operating at the roadside in 20, 30 or 40mph zones, volunteers monitor the speeds of passing vehicles using portable or tripod mounted speed indicator devices. Some devices signal their speed to the drivers, others do not.

Cllr Smith said: “The community speed watch scheme can be signed up to by anybody and as a concerned resident and councillor, I would encourage anyone in Rhuddlan to sign up.

“All volunteers need to do is monitor speeds on the road using the training and equipment provided to them.

“Any motorists caught speeding is a matter for the police for which their central ticket office deals with directly.”

Town and county councillor Ann Davies said: “We were only stood at the roadside at Highlands Road for a few moments and within minutes we had already caught one motorist travelling at 35mph in the 30mph zone.

“Later Cllr Smith monitored a motorist accelerating to 40mph, clearly identifying a problem with speed.”

Similar problems were monitored by John Morris on Rhyl Road with nearly every motorist exceeding the speed limit.Mr Morris said: “It is clear the local councillors have identified some problem areas with speed in Rhuddlan.

”Whilst meeting with them, it was evident through speaking to Ann, Gareth and residents, who were walking by, that speed in Rhuddlan is a real concern.”

Anyone who lives in Rhuddlan and would like more information or to get involved is asked to email either Cllr Gareth Smith at or Cllr Ann Davies on

Volunteers are welcome to join the community speed watch volunteers at 6.30pm on Friday, March 3 at the GoSafe base at Unit 31 Llys Edmund Prys, St Asaph Business Park.