WWE star and talent scout William Regal visted Rhyl Town Hall to watch All Star Wrestling UK where he was on the hunt for new talent to take back to WWE's NXT training division in Florida.

William took time out from his busy schedule to talk to the Rhyl Journal

What did you think of the show?

I thought it was excellent, a real family show. The crowd were animated and that's what you want to see, people cheering for the good guys and booing the bad guys.

Did you see anybody that you felt could be a future WWE star?

I won't isolate anybody in particular but I thought the standard was brillaint. All of them great professionals.

How did you find out about the show?

When you've been doing this for 33 years you get very well connected. The internet is a great help too.

You've been heavily involved in the Cruiserweight Classic an international tournament, featuring Britain's Zack Sabre Jr. How did the tournament come around?

It took a lot of planning, starting back in December. We missed out on a few but got quite a few we didn't expect to get. The standard has been truly excellent, fans who watch the second round will have their minds blown.

What do you think of the current British wrestling scene?

I'm happy there's a thriving wrestling scene in the UK. British people love wrestling and it's great there's a lot of young talent getting their chance to entertain fans. It's also great that there's lots of shows for younger talent to learn their craft.

How did you get into wrestling yourself?

I used to watch wrestling on ITV with my grandad when I was three or four years old and I was enthralled by the characters. From there I was hooked.

You mentioned earlier how long you've been in the business, what's the biggest change you've seen? 

The diversity of different styles that now exist. When I started it was just a British style. Now it's a mixture of styles from around the world which I think is great.

Finally, in a sentence what piece of advice would you give to a wrestler looking to break into the business?

It's a never ending quest but I would say make everything you do count.