THE Conservative party celebrated their best ever result in the Vale of Clwyd as they took the seat from Labour’s Chris Ruane. In a tightly fought race the incumbent lost the seat to Dr James Davies. The Labour party called for a recount after the first count showed Dr Davies with a lead of 239 votes. The final result was announced at 3am with Dr James Davies on 13,760 Mr Ruane on 13,523, Paul Davies Cooke, UKIP,   4,577, Mair Rowlands, Plaid Cymru, 2,486 and Gwyn Williams, Liberal Democrat with 915. Dr Davies said: “Don’t often go into things to lose but there we are. This is a wonderful place with wonderful people and that has been clear from the campaign. “I would like to thank the campaign team and my family. My 18-month-old son Wilfred is already a veteran campaigner. “Would like to pay tribute to Chris Ruane who has served this constituency for 18 years and it was clear from the campaign how respected he is.” Mr Ruane who was first elected to parliament in 1997 said: “I would like to thank my campaign team and would like to thank everyone who has voted today. “The people have spoken and so be it. It was a good clean fight which I think has been good for local democracy. “There comes a time when things move on.” The turn out was 62.5% (35,338) and the percentage of postal votes returned was 84.1%.