THE polls are open in Conwy and voters have been having their say.

With millions of voters apparently still undecided or open to changing their minds, the likely new Westminster balance of power remains unclear.

Among the last set of national polls, three showed the main parties level pegging, three had the Conservatives in front by a single point and one gave Labour a two-point advantage.

Voter Adrian Cavanagh, an eight year resident of Aberconwy, said: "It's been a mad campaign, more than usual. No idea who will win."

Another voter, Shaun Alexander Skelley, aged 47, said: "I hope it will be Labour. I think the Conservatives and Lib Dems have naffed up the NHS."

Party leaders have been out early to cast their votes as the polls opened in the most uncertain General Election for decades, with no party on course to emerge as a clear winner.

David Cameron arrived with his wife Samantha at a polling station in his Witney constituency in Oxfordshire while Ed Miliband and his wife Justine voted in his Doncaster North seat in the contest which will decide which of the two men will enter No 10.

Ukip's Nigel Farage cast his vote in his Kent constituency of Thanet South knowing that his political future is on the line having promised to step down as party leader if he is not elected.

In contrast, Nicola Sturgeon - who is not standing for Westminster - was out voting in Glasgow East, assured of her position and confident of a nationalist surge that will see the SNP wield unprecedented influence in the UK Parliament.

Those standing in Clwyd West are: David Jones (Conservative), Gareth Thomas (Labour), Sarah Leister-Burgess (Lib Dem, Marc Jones (Plaid Cymru), Warwick Nicholson (UKIP),  Bob English (Socialist Labour), Rory Jepson (Above and Beyond).

Those standing in Aberconwy: Guto Bebb (Conservative), Mary Wimbury (Labour), Victor Babu (Lib Dem), Dafydd Meurig (Plaid Cymru), Andrew Haigh (UKIP), Petra Haig (Green).