Residents' anger as Seagulls take over Rhyl

Published date: 30 July 2014 |
Published by: Dean Jones 
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A FAMILY has been left trapped in their home for the past six weeks by
aggressive seagulls nesting on the roof of their Rhyl home.

This is just one of scores of incidents reported to The Journal as the
powerful seabirds cause chaos for both residents and tourists trying
to enjoy the hot summer.

Gulls swooping down and taking burgers out of people's hands,
youngsters afraid to play on the beach and people dodging the showers
of droppings falling from the sky are just some of the problems people

Savage seagulls are putting children off playing on Rhyl beach, it has
been claimed.

This latest wave of complaints against the birds comes as council
chiefs admit there is 'very little' they can do to solve the problem.

Rhuddlan Cllr Arwel Roberts received a complaint from a resident after
a seagull “left its mark” on their daughter in the High Street area of
the town.

Cllr Roberts said: “This is not an incident which happens once in a
while in this once successful tourist town. I personally have seen
seagulls swooping down and taking burgers from peoples hands, even

“The residents of Denbighshire deserve better service from the Town
Council and the county. These birds are pests - even in Rhuddlan here
we have incidents of seagull chicks attacking residents.

“Youngsters are afraid to go and play on the wonderful beach in Rhyl
because of these noisy and savage birds.”

The council did put measures in place in the form of coastal hawks
project, which saw bird handlers scare gulls away from tourists on
busy days in Rhyl.

However, it was scrapped in April 2011 after it was claimed that the
project was not having the desired effect.

A Denbighshire County Council spokesman, said: “There is very little
the council can do in terms of managing seagulls. However, we have
introduced bins that would make it difficult for seagulls to take any
food litter and we would also advise people not to feed them.

"We have also invested in street cleansing machines to clean up mess
caused by seagulls, as part of our efforts to keep our streets clean,
for the benefit of residents and visitors to the coast."

This issue has sparked a surge of different opinions on social media,
with over 150 responses on Facebook so far, including Rhyl resident
Lorraine Griffiths, who said: “We haven't been able to use our back
garden for the past six weeks due to a nest appearing on the roof.

“If we go in the garden or even stand near the inside of the kitchen
window the seagull swoops, leaving us unable to have friends round in
this lovely weather.”

An RSPB spokesperson has offered advice for people who wish to deter
the attention of seagulls, saying: “Seagulls will go wherever so we
would urge people to not feed them in any way whatsoever.

“We would also advise that you dispose of your rubbish in the correct
fashion - wrap it up properly and put it in the bin so that the
Seagulls have no opportunity to get to it.”

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the area? Send your ideas to and your comments
could be used in next week’s edition.

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