Couple left horrified after road sign flew through the window of their Abergele caravan

Published date: 21 March 2014 |
Published by: Staff reporter
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A COUPLE has been left £1,200 out of pocket after a large metal road sign flew in through the window of their Abergele caravan.

Ian Holgate and June Murphy, of Liverpool were horrified when they discovered a 40mph speed limit sign curled up in their caravan in Rendezvous Caravan park, Station Road, after it had been carried from the nearby A55 by strong winds earlier this year.

The sign shattered a glass window pane, broke guttering and part of the caravan wall.
Miss Murphy said: “It could have killed someone. It was lucky no one was in that caravan, it could easily have cut someone’s head off.”

The hefty sign was fixed onto a pole on the dual carriageway when it was picked up by the storm force winds that battered North Wales in February.

After a Conwy Council officer came to retrieve the sign, the couple said he told them it belonged to the council and that they would pay for the damage.

But the couple were later told they would not receive a penny.

Miss Murphy added: “We think it’s disgusting.

“Obviously we were shocked, it’s not our fault this happened. We’re very disappointed.
“It’s left such a mess on the caravan, it’s a state. We’ll just have to pay it off bit by bit as we can.”

A Conwy County Council spokesperson said: “The 40mph sign was blown from the A55 during high winds earlier this winter.

“The council’s insurers have investigated the matter and concluded that the douncil had done all within its power to prevent such an event occurring and there was nothing further it could have done to prevent the accident and as a result is not liable.”

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