GALLERY: Prestatyn Superfan exhibits Doctor Who memorabilia

Published date: 03 December 2013 |
Published by: Suzanne Jordan 
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IT WAS a moment that even a Time Lord could have foreseen when a Prestatyn man, possessing a vast collection of Doctor Who memorabilia, was selected as one of Britain’s four Superfans.

David Howe, 52, has been collecting Doctor Who memorabilia for about 41 years and has a room packed with thousands of items such as Daleks, Cybermen, Adipose, figurines and other monsters and villains.

He was crowned a Superfan after the National Media Museum made a call for fans to come forward as part of their exhibition to mark the 50th anniversary of the Doctor.

Mr Howe was chosen due to his devotion to the show is now displaying items from his collection in the museum which is based in Bradford.

Mr Howe said: “When they approached me I said to them I have got so much - you are best to leave me until last.

“I hope to see the display soon but it is a nice feeling that people are visiting pieces I’ve gathered. I think I have one of the biggest collections in the UK, if not the world.

“Collecting is all about sharing and not just keeping things to yourself.”

Mr Howe, who has written several books about Doctor Who, keeps his valuables in a separate room. He plans to continue his pastime and expressed that the Doctor’s future is no where near extermination.

He said: “The 60s had a style of it’s own. The box art and the packaging is all very retro.

“The monsters sparked my interest in Doctor Who. It is such a unique programme – you are never going to have a monster pop up in a show like Eastenders. It has got that scary element and fascinating storylines. Plus every Doctor reinvents himself.

“Why it has reached its 50 year milestone is simple – there is nothing else quite like it.”

Toni Booth, exhibition curator at the museum, said: “
Fans from around the world responded to our request for objects and we’re grateful for them all.
"David is one of the ‘superfans’ – he has a vast collection of Doctor Who items and we’re thrilled he’s loaned some of them to us. He has made a wonderful contribution to the exhibition, explaining why the programme remains so popular. I think his objects, particularly the rare toys from past decades, are some of the highlights of the show.

"It has become very apparent that the influence of The Doctor extends into many parts of people’s lives – one fan confessed to me that ‘in life, I often ask myself: What would The Doctor do? The exhibition will show just how intertwined into their every day lives the Doctor has become for so many people."

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