Ex Rhyl police officer fined after scatch card 'blew out of his hand'

Published date: 06 February 2013 |
Published by: Jamie Nield-Siddall
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AN EX-police officer has blasted an enforcement company after he was fined £75 when a scratch card “blew out of his hand”.

Gwinfor Llyod Griffiths, aged 78, was given the on-the-spot penalty, from XFOR, the company contracted to carry out environmental enforcement for Denbighshire County Council, as he left St Margarets Drive Post Office on Monday morning.

“I had just walked outside and the scratch card blew out of my hand,” said Mr Griffiths, of Oakley Court in Rhyl.

“It was really windy – before I had chance to pick it up the officers were there.”

Mr Griffiths, a former North Wales Police offricer, said despite that offering to go and pick up the scratch card, the officers, who were both wearing civilian clothes, declined his offer and issued the fine.

Denbighshire Council said anyone who is given a fine has the right to contest the decision.

“It’s silly,” he said. “I am really annoyed.

“I think something should be done about.”

A spokeswoman for Denbighshire, said: “Since October 2012, Community Safety Enforcement officers have been patrolling the streets of the county in order to tackle the growing problem of littering and dog fouling.

“Latest figures show that reported crime in Rhyl, especially the West End of Rhyl for November has been reduced by 29%, and our streets and residents are reaping the benefits.

“Visual evidence especially in Rhyl proves its working.

“It is important to note, that any individual who receives a fixed penalty notice, also has the right to contest it at the time, by completing a section of the form and returning it to Community Safety Enforcement Department on Russell House in Rhyl.”

She added: “XFOR wear uniform unless they are instructed to do otherwise.

“During patrols outside the town they may use civilian jackets to improve chances of catching dog fouling offences happening.”

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  1. Posted by: Harriet at 14:30 on 12 March 2013 Report

    I think it's strange that given the level of deprivation in West Rhyl, and the "Visual Evidence" of this in terms of boarded up housing and eye sores that the Council has chosen to instruct and pay a private firm to address the problem of litter and dog fouling? Not to suggest that this isn't to be addressed however the money used could surely be better spent? Whilst the argument may be that the fines pay for themselves SIA approved firms are notoriously expensive.


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