'Miracle' improvement of cancer sufferer Connah, 11

Published date: 29 November 2012 |
Published by: Andrew Boyd
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Manchester City fan Connah Broom 

Connah Broom with his nan, Debbie Broom 

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A ‘MIRACLE’ boy has defied the odds to celebrate his 11th birthday.

Connah Broom, of Gronant, was not expected to live beyond the age of about seven after being diagnosed with rare childhood cancer neuroblastoma in 2006.

But this month Connah’s amazing powers of recovery have seen him turn 11 as he lives life to the full – filling his spare time by pursuing passions including football, rock climbing and dancing.

Although his condition is currently inoperable, Connah’s prolonged survival and ever improving health mean both he and his family are now hoping to enjoy many more years together.

Connah lives with his proud grandmother Debbie along with her husband Jim. She said: “It’s a tear jerker every time he reaches a special celebration.

“It will also be a tear jerker when he goes to high school next year.

“We never expected to get to this stage. Connah is doing absolutely fantastic.

“He already is talking about being an adult and how he wants to have children of his own.”

Connah’s plight has led to him becoming an inspiration to others in a similar situation.

Next week a family from Norway will visit the Brooms to learn more about Connah’s campaign, while the family is in frequent contact with others suffering from similar conditions.

The family hope a children’s book based on Connah’s experiences in coping with the tumours will be published next year, helping provide support to others in the same position.

“We were already strong but what Connah has gone through has helped make us even stronger,” added Mrs Broom.

“Connah has been so brave. He is definitely a lot healthier.

“Taking part in all these activities means he is oxygenating his own body. It helps him to keep on the go seven days a week.”

To assist with his continued improved health, Connah and his family now make frequent visits to Spain.

Throughout his childhood, Connah has worked with his family to write an online diary blog about his experiences and fundraising for Connah’s Appeal to help support Connah has raised more than £75,000.

Connah’s family was given the devastating news in August 2006 that his body was riddled with 11 tumours and had just months to live.

He travelled to Poland for scans not available on the NHS and went to a cancer clinic in Mexico which offered a sound and light therapy, also not available in the UK.

The family’s persistence paid off when they were told 10 of Connah’s 11 tumours had died.

Speaking last year, Connah’s GP Dr Eamon Jessop revealed just how significant and unexpected Connah’s survival had been.

“This is the one miracle in my entire career,” he said. “He’s doing incredibly well, it’s staggering.

“Whether his recovery is down to the treatment or not I don’t think we’ll ever know.”

To donate to the fundraising appeal visit

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