Window smash blow to Gele businesses

Published date: 24 August 2011 |
Published by: Terry Canty
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ABERGELE businesses battling against the recession have been dealt an extra blow.

Businesses lining Chapel Street have suffered a series of smashed windows in the past few weeks.

Pauline WIlliams, of Phoenix Hair Design, highlighted the worrying trend for Chapel Street traders which has targeted cafes, restaurants and charity shops.
Moira Byrne, of Jade Leaf Cafe, said: “We had a couple of our windows put in in Easter time.”

“There seems to have been a rush of broken windows.

“It is tough at the moment and I do not understand the mentality of these people who think it is fine or even their right to destroy what we as business people have worked so hard for.

“A lot of the time it’s not worth claiming on your insurance to repair the windows because your premium will go up.”

The Spice Merchant restaurant is the latest to have its window damaged during the spate of vandalism.

Its owners are currently awaiting quotes to repair damage to their front window smashed around a fortnight ago.

Muhim Uddin, manager of the popular Indian restaurant, who witnessed the attack in the early hours of the morning and reported seeing two men in their 30s running away from the scene to police, said: “It is difficult enough and this is an extra expense for us.

“But these repairs have to be done. It’s not good.

“Those people responsible for smashing my window are not good people they are bad people.”

A spokesman for North Wales Police said people with information in relation to the incidents should call 101.

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